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So, I last wrote a Journal entry over a year ago...time to fill whoever cares brain up with more relevant and current information bahaha.

I am twenty years old, and have learned some new things with my art. The biggest change art wise was discovering the amazingness that is copic markers. HNNNNNNNNNNNNG never going back. Expensive as fuck though so...Still, I have learned a lot and I think my art has overall improved with my use of them. Everything just looks more vibrant : )

Design wise I'm really liking how some of my ideas are coming out-things turning out better than I expected. That's kinda cool. And REALLY recently, all the popularity that my cosplay photos and things received. As most of that attention's from the male department...not too surprising as I definitely showcase my Swedish genes XP (side note I also discovered I am hecka-good at giving massages. Ask and thou shall receive ducks :3).

I'm loving trying new stuff lately. Different avenues of cosplay, or creations. Some things end up as flops but...hey that's what happens. 

Current stuff I am working on:

Fem-Galio cosplay
Yandere/Apocalyptic Anna cosplay
Poro Kigurumi

Man-Jinx colouring
Other genderswapped League characters

Now, into more nitty gritty stuff. I currently work at the movie theatre-Silvercity to be specific. It's not a bad work place, but every job has it's faults. Christmas just passed, so things are still a little bit hecktic there. (I don't work tomorrow though, thank god. Stupid cheap Tuesday nights XP).

On a serious note...well...I think things otherwise haven't been going well. Money's hard, time is never, friends are too far away and too busy for me...My family's bipolar on their moods-seems like everyone's PMSing permanently.

And I've got like some weird ass combination of feeling permanently not good enough and meek...and then feeling angry and lashy and weird. Grr.

Back to lighter things. I just saw Whisper of the Heart-Studio Ghibli today. And, well...I really felt a connection. The main character is scared of not being good enough-for everything. She doesn't know where she's going, and even in the end she's uncertain sortof, which is nice. She gets mad for stupid reasons, and she's sortof oblivious...and I just really connected with that.

My favourite moment was when she and the old man talk about geodes. The rock that has hidden gems inside that need to be perfected. And that some of the quartz inside wasn't worth anything however much it was polished, but inside there were real valuable gems. It was a rather beautiful metaphor. It really feels like how making art does. 

The movie ends on this sortof hopeful, you'll never know what'll happen ending. Up in the air, bitter sweet....I really just love this movie the more I think of it.

Someone get me this for my birthday >o<

ANYWAYS. enough rambling. Here you go, here is my weird spam of the...year I guess lol. 

Signing off, 


PS: Anybody got some challenges for me to complete? Something they wanna see me try?

  • Mood: Peaceful
  • Listening to: Frozen Sountrack
  • Reading: The Mark of Athena (again..)
  • Watching: Whisper of the Heart
  • Playing: Pokemon X
  • Eating: Chocolate Truffles!
  • Drinking: Milk : 3


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hello everyone! ^_^

My name's Pauline, and I like things, and do things and are good at some things, however, writing bios isn't one of them.

I'm a random artist-I'll see something and try it to see if I like it. Painting(various forms), drawing with different mediums(pencil, charcoal, pastel...), jewellery making(bead work, lotttttttts of bead work), costuming, stuffed animal making...basically, name me a project and I'll attempt to do it!



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